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We work remotely every day

It's important to keep social contact while embarking on a remote-work journey. For digital nomads, you have an opportunity to meet locals and foreigners here. We also have board game night on Thursday.

A plant named `Fred's brother`

Get some fresh air

We like a green office. Meet Fred's brother. Along with some friends, he'll deliver all the oxygen you need.

Ergonomic desk and chair

A quality ergonomic setup

Our desks and chairs are dedicated to you. Set your preference and it'll be in the exact same place next time. The desks are sit/stand capable and the chairs have 4d movement

A dog named `Dina Delight`

Dog friendly

Can't leave your furry friend at home? Stressed about your next meeting? Dogs, like Dina Delight, are welcome at the space so bring your best friend.

Don't let Croatian bureaucracy stop you from working remotely.

We can guide you during the early stages
so you can focus on what really matters — your work.

Bookshelves holding games and 2 desks
A large conference desk with 4 chairs
Two additional desks and a plant named `Fred's brother`

HRK 999 / month

when signing a 6 month contract